For efficient component management

ComponentDB is structured in modules that can be customized according to customer needs.New modules can easily be added, and make sure to always have all the information needed about the components.

Modules in ComponentDB

  • General information
  • High voltage details
  • Low voltage details
  • Connectors Details
  • Pins details
  • Attachments

Features ComponentDB

See below what features are included in the application:

  • Search Tools
  • Reports
  • Authorization
  • Integration opportunities
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous users
  • Global changes
  • History

Swedish car manufacturing company chose ComponentDB

After thorough testing of a number of management systems, one of Swedens largest car manufacturing company decided to use ComponentDB. The advantages of ComponentDB software are that it contains the information needed to ensure the components information, and also that it meets the demands for new car platforms. The system also has a much better support for projects, user rights, and even support for projects in different parts of the world.

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